The Business Informatics College at the University held a cultural festival under the title “The First Technology Girls.

The Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Louay Edward George, said during his speech at the festival, “These events give an incentive to support girls to enter the field of technology, especially since women today score advanced ranks in the field of information technology and communications, and that our University today is one of the Iraqi specialized universities in n the field of information technology and communications, and it is very supportive of its students and seeks to supply the labor market with young people with extensive experience and skills.”

For his part, the head of the Business Information Technology Department at the College, Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Saleh, emphasized the role of women in information technology, noting that the recent years have become clear about women’s competencies in this important sector.

During the festival, gifts were distributed to a number of female professors, employees and students of the College in support of their efforts at the University.