The Faculty of Business Informatics in the University of Information Technology and Communications held a multiple student activities on the occasion of World Day against Cyberbullying. This event aims to raise awareness about the concept of bullying. It included several events presented by professors and students of the Business Information Technology Department, focusing on the phenomenon of cyberbullying and its negative effects on the individual and the community.

The activity included speeches by the Assistant of university president for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Mahdi Nassif Jassim, who spoke about good morality, citing the verses and prophetic hadiths encouraging good behaviors.

The Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business Informatics Dr. Ngham Hamid Mahdi addressed the concept of cyberbullying and its disadvantages in society and the need for education against this phenomenon.

The events presented by the students also included drawing joint paintings expressing the types of bullying and its negative impact on society, as well as, presenting one of the students a story of his success despite the difficult circumstances he is experiencing and encouraging many of his students to excel and be distinguished to overcome any odds in their lives.

The activity also included competitions among students and the presentation of prizes and gifts to the winners.