The Department of Bioinformatics in the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics organized a scientific visit to the Endocrinology QS and Diabetes Centre of the Baghdad Preservative Health Service

A number of students accompanied by a group of faculty professors participated in the scientific visit to see the automated systems of medical information for endocrine and diabetic patients.

The visit included a scientific and induction tour of the units of the Center, including the laboratory, the consulting clinic for doctors and the rest of the Center’s departments

For his part, Dr. Haider Kazem Al-Rabi, Director of the Center, welcomed students and professors, explaining the procedures of the work in the Center and units in the electronic system and how to deal with them and benefit from them for research and statistical purposes to develop the skills of students

The center receives visits from many doctors, pharmacists and technicians annually in the field of education and study.