The first meeting was held at the University of Information and Communications Technology to launch the University’s Electronic Mini Market Al-Mutanabi project. The project has several benefits, including for subscribers with libraries and publishing houses, providing a global integrated standard system maintained, managed and developed by specialized technological entities, with the possibility of preparing an inventory of the contents and reports needed for the operation of the commercial library. In addition, the Library’s products are widely displayed locally and globally across a large platform.
For users, the project offers a number of benefits: providing a gateway or a large platform for the content of libraries available in Iraq and publishing houses, and the ease of searching for the required source and knowing its price and how to access and obtain it, With the possibility of purchasing from international publishing houses that aim to participate in the project, in addition to the possibility of delivering the order even if the buyer is from outside Iraq for some rare sources.
The Al-Mutanabi E-Market Project is a 24-hour exhibition and has a large advertising encounter for modern literature and publishing house announcements