The Women’s Empowerment Unit at the Presidency of the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a workshop on raising awareness of society and combating violence against women.

Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, President of the University, spoke about the role of women in life as they are half of society and the educator of generations, addressing her great role in the educational field, and he directed his speech to male and female students in particular to communicate with the distinguished female professors in the University to avoid the problems and obstacles that they may face in their university life.

Al-Bakri also focused in his speech on the need to combat negative phenomena that are outside our customs and traditions and the Islamic law to which we belong, such as the spread of drugs, advocacy of homosexuality, and violence against children and women, as such phenomena are considered harmful to society in general.

Dr. Asmaa Abdul-Hussein, in charge of the Women’s Empowerment Unit at the University, gave a lecture on electronic violence, as she dealt with violence in general and then addressed the types of violence through social media, which can be exclusion, distortion, provocation, impersonation, infiltration, spreading scandal, defamation and electronic incitement, where such crimes may possibly cause psychological and social illnesses for the party who is exposed to them, and may lead to suicide.

The administrator in charge of the Women’s Empowerment Unit called for the need for women to take all their rights in public life, because this has an impact on child-raising and family building, so attention must be paid to this generation to create and build a conscious and liberated generation in accordance with morals, good habits, instructions and covenants called for by the global system of human rights.

The workshop included reading poems that expressed respect and love for women, and video clips were displayed showing the impact of women’s violence on the family in particular and society in general.