The Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics (Asst. Prof. Dr. Intisar Shadeed Chlaib) and the head of quality assurance at the university (Prof. Dr. Hossein Abdulrada Muhammad) had a patent of “A Smart System for Detecting Dust and Removing It from Folar Cells.”

This patent came in conjunction with two teachers at the University of Al-Mustansariya and the Middle Euphrates Technical University. It involved the design and operation of a special intelligent electronic system, which addresses the accumulation of dust on solar cells through the placement of electronic sensors, and then processes to remove dust and maintain the efficiency of the cell.

This work is of great economic benefit as it addresses the problem of low productivity of solar panels to generate electricity from environmentally friendly sources.

The new design opens up great prospects for addressing the problems of dust accumulation on solar panels in countries with dust storms.