Under the slogan “World of Artificial Intelligence with Applied Features”
The University of Information Technology and Communications launched the annual artificial intelligence Forum project.
The University started in January 2022 to establish the annual National Artificial Intelligence Forum to increase the demand for developing the knowledge economy.
The forum aims to highlight the importance and culture of artificial intelligence in development in all its details at the level of Iraq towards the introduction of artificial intelligence, which contributes to the achievement of sustainable and balanced national development and a catalytic environment that puts the Iraq in a competitive and distinct position among the countries of the region.
Artificial intelligence projects also play an important role in countering corruption, creating jobs, encouraging creativity, innovating and creating digital products with economic and knowledge value that hone young people’s talents and abilities and enhance their entrepreneurial ambitions.
The University is pleased to launch and through this forum the National Award for Excellence for Developers in Artificial Intelligence, which includes many benefits and privileges that applicants and candidates can enjoy after their projects are evaluated by specialized committees, which in turn encourages the spirit of competitiveness of developers and researchers to present them to the community of Iraqi State institutions as well as to Arab society.
It is worth mentioning that this forum is the first qualitative forum for artificial intelligence in Iraq under the supervision of specialists from various Iraqi ministries and universities to draw up the “National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in Iraq”
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