The Women’s Empowerment Department at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized an awareness seminar on the types of violence and the constitutional and legal guarantees for their protection as part of the 16-day campaign against violence against women.
The first lecture, presented by Dr. Wisam Mousa, defined violence as a morally and materially dangerous behavior that involves causing harm to others. She pointed out the reasons that lead to domestic violence, including feelings of inadequacy, unemployment, economic weakness, and alcohol and drug abuse. The lecturer also explained that there are two types of violence: direct, which includes verbal and physical abuse, and indirect, which involves negligence and obstruction of interests.

The second lecture, presented by asst.lec. Nairy Abdullah, addressed the constitutional and legal guarantees for protecting women from violence in light of the Iraqi constitution. It discussed how the phenomenon of violence has negatively impacted society, as women are part of Iraqi society and are affected by it. The lecturer emphasized women’s rights and the need to protect them from all forms of violence, stressing the importance of enacting laws to combat violence, increasing awareness campaigns, organizing scientific seminars and workshops, and promoting the issue of women’s protection in civil society organizations, Iraqi universities, cultural and artistic associations, and seeking help from security authorities and relevant agencies when observing instances of violence.