The Assistant President for Scientific Affairs received Mr. M.D. Louay Ador George, a delegation from the Energy Training and Research Department at the Ministry of Electricity, Headed by the Director of the Research Department in the Department, Mr. Ahmed Saleh, To discuss joint work between the two sides in the fields of science, research and energy.
This visit comes within the framework of joint cooperation in the fields of science, research, energy and environment, as well as cooperation in other activities related to courses, workshops and seminars. The visit witnessed the presentation of a number of ideas and proposals and opening the way for studying them in order to achieve the desire of all parties and emphasize the implementation of free training programs that serve professional work and talk about the implementation of the government program and recent government directions on the need for cooperation between universities and state ministries in line with the urgent needs for the development of competencies and improve performance and integration that achieves the higher goals of the state and institutions.
The visiting delegation expressed its desire to open the horizons of work and welcomed the visit of the department and see the halls, workshops and laboratories.