The Continuing Education Center at the University, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / Committee for the Coordination and Management of Government Activity towards e-Government, organized a development workshop entitled “Data Governance Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques” Which comes within the third phase of 2023 of the training program for capacity building for employees of state institutions towards electronic transformations.

The workshop, which was presented by the lecturer at the university and the director of the office of the Minister of Education, Dr. Saad Ahmed Diab, and the assistant lecturer Atheer Maarouf Chalabi, a teacher at the Faculty of Engineering at the university, focused on On the first day of presentations on modern technologies used in data governance.

On the second day, some open source libraries were introduced, which are very important in data processing processes before working on them in artificial intelligence techniques, The application of some classification algorithms, which is one of the methods of artificial intelligence that supports decision-making and future prediction, was also discussed.

At the end of the third day of the workshop, some clustering algorithms and data link rules algorithms were presented and applied graphically, which is one of the methods of artificial intelligence that supports the decision-making process, future forecasting, data classification and finding the relationship between them.

The workshop aims to enhance knowledge on the use of classification algorithms, clustering, correlation rules and data manifestation. In addition to statistical methods supporting decision-making and forecasting.