The University of Information Technology and Communications welcomed the ministerial delegation responsible for monitoring and auditing  the digital maturity in the academic institutions by adopting the Ministry’s directives for the development of the digital reality of the University with the presence of both the computing center and quality assurance and university performance.

The Chair of the Ministerial delegation , Prof. Dr. Khaled Ali Al-Mayah, also commended the ministerial interest in the University of Information and Communications technology due to its scientific importance as a specialized university in the field of informatics.

The ministerial delegation, accompanied by dr. Ban Qassem, the University’s maturity representative, was briefed on the latest achievements in keeping up with digital transformations.

For their part, the Ministerial delegation expressed its observations and guidance, besides their appreciation to the presidency and staff  for their efforts in the field of digitization. They stressed that the university continues actively and creatively in digitization and in all fields