The University of Information and Communication Technology received the ministerial team in charge of following up and auditing the data for measuring the digital maturity of academic institutions.

The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, welcomed Chairman of the Ministerial Group, He praised the efforts made by the ministerial team to improve the reality of digital maturity by adopting the ministry’s directives to develop the digital reality of the university with the presence of the electronic computer center, quality assurance and university performance.

The head of the ministerial team, Prof. Dr. Khaled Ali Al-Mayyah , also praised the ministerial interest that focused on the University of Information and Communication Technology for its direct specialization in digital and electronic applications and because of its technical qualifications, which is one of the universities in whose electronic rooms the experience of digital transformation was conducted.

The ministerial delegation, which was accompanied by M.D. Ban Qasim Jawad, the representative of maturity at the university. On the latest achievements in keeping pace with digital transformations, and the extent of development in its rooms,

For his part, the ministerial team expressed its observations and guidance, in advance of its thanks to the presidency of the university and its employees. For their efforts in the field of digitization, stressing that the university is continuing, actively and creatively, in digitization and in all fields.