A delegation of female students from the University of Information  Technology & Communications participated in the central ceremony for Iraqi universities graduates in Baghdad on Friday, February 23, 2024. The graduation ceremony was held under the supervision of the Holy Shrine of Al-Kadhimiya, in cooperation with the Al- Fikkr Al- Husseini Foundation affiliated with the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine. Nearly ten thousand students participated in this ceremony along with some of their honorable families. The female graduates of Iraqi universities recited the graduation oath wearing their Islamic dress on the grounds of the Kadhimayn Holy Shrine. The delegation was headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Imad Kazem Al-Kaabi, a member of the University Council and Director of the Student Activities Department, with the participation of female students from the College of Business Informatics and the College of Biomedical Informatics. along with lecturer Dr. Atiaf Sami. It’s noteworthy that this participation was under the guidance of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and the President of the University Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri.