The University of Information Technology and Communications participated in the Iraqi National Trade Forum, which was held by the World Trade Organization at the Babel Hotel.
This participation comes as a result of an invitation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Research and Development Department, and the Entrepreneurial Projects Management Department to participate in the activities of the Iraqi National Trade Forum.

The university delegation was represented by the head of the Technology Incubator and Ecosystem Division, Sedeer Sadiq, and the officials of the incubator units in the university’s colleges, who are both Prof. Alaa Talal Yassin from the College of Business Informatics, and Adham Rabie Aziz from the College of Engineering, and Zainab Mustafa Reda from the College of Medical Informatics.
The forum aims to review the latest developments in sustainable development strategies in various sectors and small projects (2024-2028) through the vision of a growing sector with unique industries with the ability to market and maintain marketing communications.
Many important topics were also discussed, such as climate-smart vegetative rehabilitation, sustainable development, accelerating the pace of investment in the private sector, prevention measures regarding climate change, strengthening agricultural and food value chains, and improving trade policies through business alliances and partnerships as a catalyst for change.
The forum was attended by many specialized figures who participated in discussions and dialogues, as well as 200 Iraqi entrepreneurial companies.