The University of Information Technology and Communications held a workshop entitled Combating Intellectual Terrorism in Universities, in coordination with the Chief of Staff of the Popular Mobilization Forces.
The workshop was presented by the Assistant Chief of Staff of the Popular Mobilization Authority for Operations Affairs, Yasser Hussein Al-Issawi, the Assistant Director of Media of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Muhannad Hussein, the head of the Publication and Promotion Department, Sarah Salam Abdel Latif, and the Director of the Dialogue Center, Dr. Ibtihal Saad Al-Qaisi, Public Relations Officer Majid Muhammad, and Nidal Al-Abadi, Director of the Counseling and Psychological Guidance Division at the University.
The workshop targeted the following topics: combating intellectual terrorism in universities and the role of the media in combating intellectual terrorism. Al-Qaisi also praised the role of the Dialogue Center in eliminating differences and rejecting them from society within the framework of a peaceful society in light of societal pluralism and diversity, especially since Iraq is a multi-sectarian people.
Al-Issawi praised that scientific research has a fundamental role in the societal and intellectual construction and economic development of all societies by taking care of the academic aspect and scientific research. Al-Issawi also praised the role of the Mobilization Forces in entrusting academic research and to all groups of people through effective contributions to maintaining security, construction, and providing services. Wherever you are, from northern to southern Iraq and from east to west, under the slogan of the Mobilization Forces, the supporting hand of the security forces in maintaining security and the supporting hand in community service to civil societies, whether scientific, professional, industrial, or agricultural.
After the workshop, Dr. Louay Adwar, Assistant President of the University, presented letters of thanks and appreciation to the lecturers, wishing them continued success and brilliance.