The Department of Media and Government Communication and the Volunteer Work Committee at the University, in cooperation with the National Blood Transfusion Center at the Ministry of Health, organized a blood donation campaign for cancer and anemia patients.
This campaign aims to spread awareness of the importance of donating blood to patients suffering from leukemia, thalassemia, and hereditary anemia, and those injured and wounded in military operations.
This initiative, organized by the University, aims to provide community and humanitarian services and meet the needs of the blood bank.
University professors, employees, and students participated in the campaign, for feelings of the suffering and need of patients lying in hospitals who are waiting for blood transfusions from time to time to save their lives from death.
The campaign also focused on spreading the culture of volunteer work and consecrating it among segments of society by organizing such activities, including spreading awareness of the importance of blood donation to save the lives of patients and providing assistance to those suffering from chronic diseases or those who need a blood transfusion, depending on its type.
The Media Department and Volunteer Work Committee also provided some guidance to donors in order to ensure their safety.