The University of Information Technology and communications received two awards from the University of Al Ain prizes, Iraq, in its fourth edition in 2024. The winners were honored by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Na’im Al-Aboudi. The prizes included outstanding researchers, top university researchers, high-impact research authors, as well as distinguished academics.
The first prize was awarded to the Head of the Scientific Affairs Department at the university, Dr. Imran Musa Hamoudi, in the category of top university researchers. The second prize was given to the Assistant Dean of the College of Business Informatics for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Rula Amjad Hamid, in the category of high-impact research in computer science. It is worth mentioning that the award ceremony was sponsored by the University of Al Ain, Iraq, and attended by representatives from international academic institutions such as Elsevier, as well as representatives from Iranian and Malaysian universities and representatives from Iraqi universities and colleges.