The University of Information Technology & Communications (UoITC) held a technical meeting with representatives of the National Data Center affiliated with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
In this meeting the mechanism for implementing the national portal for open government was discussed based on the recommendations of the committee concerned with coordinating and managing government activity towards establishing e- government formed in accordance with the Diwani order. No. (22 of 2020).

The President of UoITC Professor Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri pointed out that the goal of the national portal for publishing open government data is to enhance transparency in the implementation of government procedures. It also establishes the principle of accountability within government agencies and facilitates public review and evaluation of the performance of government institutions.
Open data also helps in increasing the efficiency of using resources and designing channels to deliver services according to the needs of customers, as well as creating more jobs that depend on data analysis. It also helps in making decisions based on specific data regarding the state’s general policies, identifying development opportunities, and contributing to achieving the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

The meeting discussed the legal standards and licenses of the concerned authority that must be taken by the responsible authorities for publishing open data on the one hand, and the technical requirements for the portal’s work on the other hand.
The university’s technical work team provided a detailed explanation of the main stages of the portal’s work and its implementation mechanism by involving all state institutions by granting the necessary licenses to publish the data available within the portal on a regular basis and following up on the latest updates to the data, as well as the mechanism for developing the portal and sustaining its work.