The Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a workshop titled “An Overview of Global Universities’ Rankings in General, and Ways of Improvement (Reality and Ambition).”

The workshop was presented by Dr. Qusay Shahab Hamad, Head of the Global Rankings Unit. It covered several topics including the meaning and purpose of rankings, a brief history of major global institutions that deal with university rankings (such as Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings, Shanghai Rankings, and others), detailed explanations of the methodologies used in each ranking, and highlighting key points focused on by each specific ranking.

The achievements of the university in rankings were showcased by explaining the university’s rankings in each ranking system. A comparison was made between the university’s rankings in different years, highlighting the differences, as well as identifying the strengths and weaknesses that play a crucial role in its positioning in global rankings.

The workshop also discussed the university’s research activity by illustrating the number of research publications in the Scopus database since its establishment in 2024. Brainstorming sessions and in-depth discussions among participants led to several proposals aimed at improving the university’s rankings both locally and internationally.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops and seminars organized by the department to showcase the international achievements of the university, the ranks it has achieved, and how they contributes to enhancing academic reputation and international recognition.