The training and development department in UOITC organized a number of training courses during the current November included; database & developer courses (Oracle 10g), course about Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and course about e-government concepts by participating a group of employees of culture ministry, Federal Board of Supreme Audit in addition to the university employees.

The course about the program of database & developer (Oracle 10g) aimed to enable the participants from knowing the program of database management, database tools and operations inside the server and also knowing about the security sides including data safety in Oracle environment. This program also aimed to enable the participants from building the applications.
The course of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) aimed to increase the statistical and analytical skills of the participants, preparing charts and providing flexible data exchanging with the database of Excel and other programs, whereas this program is considered one of the most used programs by the researchers in the fields of educational, engineering, agricultural and commercial.
The training and development department also introduced a course about the concepts of e-government that aimed to explain the ideas of e-government and taken the benefits from applying them and informing the participants about the essentials of initiating it correctly through taking the advantages from the past experiences of the countries have applied, rather than defining the constraints of the applying and how to take the advantage of its success if applied in Iraq.