The Businesses Informatics Collage arranged a trip to the Al-Janoob Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance for the third year students led by the lecturer Dr. Hassanain majeed al-taiy. The aim of this trip is to link between the theoretical concepts given at the “Advanced Methods in Business Analyses” lecture and between the practical sides that is applied at the bank, also to learn about what the business market need. The students learned how the bank works, how does the electronic system used to facilitate its work. The hosted back provided a specialized people to answer the students’ questions and arrange the visit.
It is worth mentioning that the vision of the University Of Information Technology and Communications is to meet the business market needs and provide what it takes for its students in this matter. Moreover, the business information technology department at the Businesses Informatics Collage is a unique and modern department in Iraq, where units and subjects are taught to meet the need of the jobs in both the government and private sectors.