The ministerial committee responsible on inspecting the progress of examinations conducted a field visit to the College of Business Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications to review the progress of student examinations at the college.
The committee, which was headed by Prof. Dr. Lubna Khamis Mahdi, reviewed the examination halls and the level of implementation of procedures and decisions regarding the performance of examinations issued by the Ministry, and the professors participating in the examination committees.Dr. Lubna also enquired about the correction mechanism and the creation of student grade records.
The ministerial committee was accompanied by the university’s assistant president for scientific affairs, Prof. Louay Edwar George, and Assistant to the University President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mahdi Nassif Jassim along with the professors of the College of Business Informatics.
The Ministerial Committee expressed its appreciation to the college’s efforts in providing the appropriate atmosphere for the exams, wishing success to all students.