University of Information Technology and Communications donates a collection of books and scientific resources to the Northern Technical University

UOITC donated to Northern Technical University a collection of scientific resources and references.

This step comes under the scientific cooperation between Iraqi universities in order to restore scientific libraries in the universities that have been subjected to terrorist operations, whereas the scientific assistant of the UOITC “Dr. Jane J. Stephan” received the librarian of the Northern Technical University “Mr. Khalid N. Abdullah” during the meeting, a number of sources and references were denoted to the university library.

The university’s scientific assistant said: “The UOITC Since its establishment aims to raise the scientific level in the country through many services provided to Iraqi universities, various departments of the state and the private sector.”

Dr. Stephan referred to “Our university continues to support Iraqi universities that have been subjected to terrorist operations by providing them with books, scientific resources and other services, especially in the field of information and communications technology,”.