Workshop of the Division of Rehabilitation, Employment, and Follow-up on the Architecture and Design of Patterns and Software Systems and How to Apply Them

The Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division at the University of Information Technology and Communications held a workshop on the theme of architecture, design patterns and software systems and how to apply them.
The workshop, which was organized by Dr. Saif Qassem, a specialist in the field of software systems, targeted the students of the fourth stage of the Faculty of Business Informatics.
The workshop included defining the student specialized in the design and programming of systems and electronic services on the correct architecture and structure in the analysis and construction of the code and the possibility of dividing it in layers which helps the programmer to quickly find errors, update and add new functionality in the future centrally on all system screens.
The workshop referred to the application of several software examples to design specific functions of electronic services in order to communicate the idea to students in an applied manner, and explain the function before using the approved architecture, which is traditional and after the adoption to achieve the desired results, which help and serve the requests of users of the systems by quickly responding to requests.
They also include adding database restrictions, modifying, updating, and displaying final reports.
It is worth mentioning that an architectural workshop of the software systems and the design of the programming patterns and how to apply them comes within a specific schedule of workshops and seminars which were previously set up by the chair of the committee of rehabilitation, employment and follow up represented by Dr. Mohammed Qasim Al-Freiji and a specialized technical team.
The department also assigned an email to students who wish to inquire about the topics adopted by the Rehabilitation and Employment Division (