A group of students from the University of Information Technology and Communications participated in the sixth scout camp for Iraqi university scouts.
The activities of the scout camp for Iraqi university scouts were launched, which was hosted by the University of Diyala on Thursday, corresponding to 4/25/2019, and it lasts for four days. 31 Iraqi universities and colleges participated in it. The university delegation was supervised by Mr. Haider Zaid, in addition to the visit of the Director of the Student Activities Department, Dr. the camp .

The activities of the camp included education on discipline and physical fitness, and the consolidation of the principles of self-reliance.

The students also received awareness and educational lectures by security officials about electronic extortion, and a lecture on the topic of negative energy and its treatment from a professor specialized in human development.
It is worth noting that the Sixth Scout Camp includes many sports and artistic activities, where students develop their skills and talents through these activities. These participations are also characterized by the spirit of love and harmony and spreading the spirit of cooperation, competition and joint work among the participating university students.