The Presidency of UoITC is Preparing to Launch the Electronic System of the Government Program

The vice president of the University for Scientific Affairs Dr. Jane Jalil Astephan attended the launch of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s electronic system for its government program.

Dr. Gane J. Astephan was accompanied by a computer team from the University of Information Technology and Communications to learn more about the requirements of implementing this system. It aims to follow the indicators of implementation of the projects of objectives of the government program.

The Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Qusay Al-Suhail, said that the ministry is “determined to implement its five goals and projects within the time limits set by the government program team.” He stressed that the responsibility of the success of the government program for higher education in Iraq is a solidarity between the ministry and universities.

Al-Suhail added that the ministry seeks and to generalize its experience in the program to other ministries and government institutions, noting that the launch of the electronic program for the government represents the first step in implementing it.
For his part, Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs Dr. Mohammed Al-Sarraj said that the electronic system is an advanced step to provide opportunities for rapid dealing without paying attention to the paperwork, as well as faster registration of completion rates for the projects of the program. He adds that the ministry will allow the opportunity to apply it in smart phones.