UoITC participation in World Bank workshop.

The world bank has held a workshop to support the Iraqi tertiary education system in both KRG and rest of Iraq.

The workshop was hold in the university of Saladin in Erbil and lasted for 3 days.

it is one of series of workshops organized by the World Bank to support tertiary education in middle east and north Africa(MENA).

The Iraqi delegation consisted of key figures from both Fedral and KRG ministries of higher education and representatives of selected number of Iraqi universities from south, middle, and north.

The workshop deals with alumni employment, university governance, quality assistance,and the role of virtual educational systems.

The UoITC representative assit. Prof. Dr.Mahdi Nsaif Jasim has long experience in the topics discussed in the workshop gained from his long period of deal with MENA world bank team supporting tertiary education.