The department of media and public relations in UOITC held a scientific symposium about the vaccines of COVID-19 in cooperation with the ministry of helth. The symposium aims to urge UOITC employees and students to have the Vaccines by raising their awareness. The symposium is presented by Dr.Natheer Al Asadi the manager of the control on transporting diseases unit in the ministry of health, he emphasized taking both the vaccine and the medication of COVID-19, to prevent the spread of the disease. AL Asadi also explains the Vaccine types and their method of operation and the vaccine production companies. The lecture also explains the methods of having the vaccine and the symptoms associated with it. The symposium outcomes emphasized taking the vaccine and neglecting all the reumers and encouraging peoples to register in vaccine-taking centers and have the Vaccines. Finally the lecture urge the people to follow the instructions of the national committee of medical safty.