The College of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications held an electronic seminar entitled (Psychological Stress on Students).

The seminar was delivered by the lecturer Tahira Makki Abdel Karim, the teacher Ahlam Rashid Kharbat and Moj Thia Al-Kinani.

The seminor, which comes in light of the conditions that students live in and the pressures of exams, dealt with introducing the types of psychological pressure that an individual may be exposed to as a result of some changes that occur in his life and that impose a continuous and rapid process of adaptation: such as changing the place of residence, changing work, exams and illness.

The seminar dealt with the effects of psychological stress, including behavioral, physical and cognitive effects. The seminar showed how to deal with these pressures and overcome them properly by increasing awareness that they are not absolutely bad things. On the contrary, they may constitute an incentive to accomplish something, as psychological pressures are important in the continuity of human life and have an impact  Positive Some of the exercises that can be applied to reduce stress and psychological pressure were also indicated.