The College of Business Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a scientific and cultural virtual competition among the students of the second stage.

The virtual competition took place between the second stage team, the morning study and the evening study team, at the University Education Center in Karkh Prison, which includes a number of inmates students who belong to the College of Business Informatics. The competition was attended by the scientific assistant and a number of professors in the college who supervised the competition.

The competition included a set of scientific questions in the field of specialization, in addition to a number of general questions. Such competitions aim to create a spirit of scientific and academic competition and acquaintance with each other, as well as the involvement of guest students in the events and activities organized by the college.

At the end of the competition, in which the evening study team of guest students won over the morning study team, the college presented certificates of appreciation to the two teams in appreciation of their outstanding efforts in making this event a success.