The lecturer , Nidal Al-Abadi, responsible for the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division at the University of Information Technology and Communications, participated in the annual meeting to celebrate the International Day of the Arabic Language, which was held by the Iraqi Scientific Academy on December 25, 2022.

The forum, which was held under the slogan (The safety of the Arabic language is everyone’s responsibility), was devoted to discussing the Law of Preserving the Safety of the Arabic Language in Iraq No. (64) for the year 1977 AD. A number of university presidents, deans of faculties, professors of the Arabic language, and administrators participated in the forum.

The forum came out with a number of recommendations that will be implemented by the responsible authorities after their approval. It was also emphasized the establishment of centers or units specialized in preserving the Arabic language and holding seminars and conferences within universities on this subject.

Al-Abadi, representative of the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs, indicated the need to pay attention to and maintain a mechanism to preserve the use of the Arabic language everywhere and to activate regulations or laws that impose this on governmental and non-governmental agencies.