The Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division at the University of Information Technology and Communication (UoITC) held a lecture on time management and psychological preparation for exams. The university hosted the international trainer Dr. Khuder Shukr who explained that the hours of the day are divided into three parts: 8 hours for sleeping, 8 for work, and 8 hours for social relations.

Dr. Khudr added that time is also associated with activities, things, and

places, mentioning that time management is the best thing for seizing

opportunities. He elaborated that an exam is an event preceded by

preparation made by the students and the best thing to do is to manage their time.

He indicated that the majority of people focus on past events instead of focusing on the present or the future which results in wasting time by remembering past experiences that prevents us from progressing and making use of our time.

The lecture also shed light on motivating the public which depends on adjusting plans for one’s projects and organizing them depending on time. On the other hand wasting time is done by following up on news and watching pictures and videos circulated on social media

for which they do not have enough time. It is hence clear that they waste their

time with useless matters without prior planning. The lecture concluded that time management is a decisive  indicator of the evaluation of a given society and the outcome of its culture.

The university president Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri on his part stressed

the importance of attending such useful discussions and lectures to

change one’s behavior, stressing the importance of allocating time and

using it for our benefit and society. The lecture was attended by the

assistant president of the university for scientific affairs and a

number of professors and students.