The Continuous Education Center at the University of Information Technology and Communications announced its readiness to conduct the unified Iraqi National English Language Test (INELT), which has become one of the requirements for applying for postgraduate studies within Iraq.
Those wishing to take the test can take it after completing the electronic reservation process, and the test date will be on Wednesday 3/6/2024 at ten o’clock in the morning, and a date has also been set for Monday and Wednesday of each week to take the unified English language test.
Below is the link for online reservation

Important notes:
* The test fee will be 50,000 dinars for the first attempt, and 25,000 dinars for the second attempt, and payment will be at the same center.
* Please make the initial online reservation and install the required data through the electronic link.
* The reservation will be confirmed after paying the test fees.
* The initial reservation will be canceled after 72 hours if it has not been confirmed and paid.
* Please arrive half an hour before the test time.
* The number of computers prepared for the test is 25, and the duration of the test is one hour.
* The testing takes place in the laboratories of the Continuous Education Center on the M floor of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research building near the White Palace.