The Center of Continuing Education at the University of Information Technology and Communications, in cooperation with the International Training, Development, and Consulting Team at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, organized a workshop on the training program for building capabilities towards digital transformations. The workshop aims at facilitating the process of collecting and unifying data that government institutions are working on. The workshop, presented by Engineer Muhammad Youssef Zakaria from the National Data Center in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, addressed the topic of how to deal with the establishment of electronic services provided by the smart data platform.
The workshop clarified how to benefit from the smart data platform and the work of the national data center, as it provides four types of services, including research services, intersection services, participatory services, and dedicated services. The platform also supports managing employee and citizen data, retrieving, exporting, and processing data in more than one easy way, as it is characterized by flexibility and ease of use, and it also enables the citizen to enter through the Ur portal to benefit from the services provided by the platform. The workshop was attended by many employees of ministries and state institutions to benefit from these workshops that seek to build capabilities and move towards digital transformations.