The Assistant Lecturer “Alaa H. Omran” in the college of Business Informatics in UOITC got ALECSO prize and medal for mobile applications in UAE.

The lecturer participated in the activities of the second season of ALECSO prize within Iraq level for mobile applications 2016 in the country of UAE, her participation was in mobile App “A Secure Home Network” or “Smart Home” that includes; home monitoring remotely, monitoring the status of the doors, windows, house temperature and sensing the cases of combustion occurring as well as monitoring a movement within a distance 3 to 7 meters, the ability of knowing if there is an adjacent person at a specific distance from a specific critical place at a home, and also is used in the case of children presence and avoid their arrival to dangerous places.
Each user should have an account in his/her system, the important information is encrypted and the system can be stopped when the family is at the home, the application can receive notifications even after its closing, as well as the light sensor senses light density in the room and knowing if the room light was turned off or on.
ALESCO award for mobile applications is annual prize that is giving to the best Arabian implemented applications in the fields of education, culture, science and educational games. It falls into a completed project that is implemented by Arabian organization for education, culture and science which aims to provide a necessary technological and institutional environment that counterparts in appearing Arabian industry of smart phones applications and digital boards through the contribution in developing Arab common vision, developing the specialized Arab human resources and facilitating the production and dissemination of mobile applications.