Within the activities of the tasked committee in the project of national ranking of Iraqi universities, auditing committee from the University of Technology visited the UOITC that has been tasked by the ministry to check the data and information listed in the form of national project of Iraqi universities ranking.

The committee was receipted by the assistant of university president for scientific affairs, deputy dean of Business Informatics college, head of the department of Informatics Systems Management, head of the department of Information Technology Business Management, representative of the department of quality assurance and university performance, the responsible of quality assurance department in college of Business Informatics as they are university representatives about the topics intended for discussion.
This visit aimed to check and get knowledge about the introduced documents from the university about all the points of the ranking forms that included two types of forms; the first includes measuring the performance level of scientific departments and what is related like (scientific research, enhancing university performance and the scientific activities such as conferences, seminars and workshops)
While the second form included the points of measuring the institutional performance level of the governmental universities like scientific activity and building the abilities, financial and administrative performance, infrastructure and services), and also the agreement was done about completing all the information and the required documents in order to be ready for the committee in the next visit. Finally, the committee did a scouting visit to the halls and universities laboratories.