A Scientific Symposium about Subjects System and Their Application Successfully Held in UoITC.

A scientific symposium was held by Subjects Preparation and Execution committee in University of Information Technology and Communications. The Session that discussed the procedure that should be done in order to start using The Subjects System for the studying year of 2019-2020, was presented by Prof. Dr. Nouri Farhan Al Mayahi, member of the ministerial committee for applying subjects system.

In the session, The Subjects System was officially introduced clarifying the advantages of such system, which is considered an international educational system that depends of educational hours not yearly or half-yearly courses.

The system identifies common subjects, describes each subject’s scientific content, arranges the content over the study weeks, symbolizes the subjects, identifies total hours for each subject for each level, and describes the subjects nature (theoretical only, practical only or both).

The lecturer concentrated on identifying the terms used in Subjects Systems, how to change from yearly courses to Subjects System, the students’ procedure from starting till graduation, the role of academic guide and registration section, and how to overcome difficulties in applying the system.

Additionally, all questions were answered considering all three semesters (first, second and the optional summer semester), were each semester consists of 15 weeks, while the summer semester is only 8 weeks.

The symposium was attended by Dr. Jane J. Stephan, The University’s President’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs, along with a number of University’s professors and lecturers.