The Council of the University of Information Technology and Communication held its 17th open session to follow up the virtual mechanisms used and which were used in the final exams.
During the meeting, the university president (Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsin Al-Bakri) praised the efforts of the teaching staff in the process of administering and following up on virtual exams, and thanked everyone who contributed to its success in light of the outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 epidemic.
During the meeting, they discussed the process of administering the examinations, identifying the difficulties and obstacles that students and teachers faced during the performance of the exam, defining the guidelines for developing a future general policy for virtual exams, as well as discussing the results of the final exams and agreeing to announce them during the current week.
In the meeting, it was also discussed to raise the level of the university magazine with its support by all formations and to provide all the resources available in the university.