The University’s Rehabilitation and Employment Division held an online workshop, in cooperation with Earthlink, on the network simulator Cisco Packet Tracer.
The workshop explored basics of using this program and programming Cisco devices such as Cisco Router & Cisco Switch.
The Cisco Global Academy for Networks is one of the leading academies in this field, as it has launched the well-known network simulator program, Packet Tracer, which contains many options that enrich any one from buying devices and spending money, and it is one of the wonderful departments for learning and design.
During the workshop, all questions were discussed in a practical way, and all inquiries were converted into cases applied in the form of examples, as the program greatly helps design, implement and conduct the test on the network plan prepared by the competent person without touch the real devices, which prevents causing material damage to the devices because of the errors Which occurs from the many experiences of the planner for the purpose of accessing examples at work, as well as there is no need to buy surplus devices and the occurrence of a financial loss because the program determines the number of devices needed to buy them in the network digram structure through the results and reports that it shows through implementing the network’s work.