The Rehabilitation and Employment Division at the university, in cooperation with Zain Iraq Telecom Company, conducted an electronic workshop on professional project management.
The workshop aims to enable the student to manage projects and enable him to use tools that can be used in personal and business life and that work on personal and commercial development for students and give the recipient important tools to enable him to manage his projects or start special projects or even at the personal level in terms of professional and academic development.
The lecture was a preliminary introduction on the management of professional projects and talk was about the definition of projects and what are the most important pillars of the project and what are project management and how to implement them in ways and means that ensure the success of the project and ensure the achievement of the real goals that were identified when starting the project and how to reach these goals despite the existence of project specifics and all Circumstances surrounding it.
The groups and processes and knowledge aspects that each project manager must have knowledge of and fully knowledgeable about it were also addressed in order to achieve its goals through the operations groups throughout the project life cycle.
Also, the most important modern tools and methods that enable the project manager to face his mission in a professional way and access to solutions to problems and follow up the efficiency and quality of work were explained by using these tools and methods.