UOITC held the third annual job fair, which was held under the slogan “The electronic career gallery at the time of Corona pandemic 2020”, which was carried out in cooperation with the University’s ALMOSTAKBEL College and with the participation of a number of companies specialized in information and communications technology from the private sector.
The University President, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri said: “The electronic job gallery was organized this year by default because of Corona pandemic. The holding of this year’s exhibition came from the university’s keenness with its students on the one hand and the participation of specialized companies on the other hand to support the process of learning, development and innovation.
Dr. Al-Bakri said: “This exhibition allows students to market their projects and products and is a great opportunity for them to obtain a job opportunity in private sector companies, especially participation in the exhibition. Also, this year’s job fair provides an opportunity for companies to see the university’s products from systems, programs and innovations,” he pointed that UOITC is specialized and one of its tasks is to support the path of digital transformations at the government level and to assist the various sectors in the field of information and communications technology.
The President of the University continued: “The University has been able to provide a number of job opportunities for its students graduating from previous years within the private sector, show that the university has entered into labor agreements with a number of private sector companies for the purpose of benefiting from the university products provided by teachers and students and is an opportunity to receive new information in the field of specialization and skills. ”
During the exhibition, a number of presentations were submitted to the participating companies, (Bawabet Alkhamer Company for Information Technology, Zain Iraq Telecom Company, Earthlink Internet Services Company, Al-Aswar Group Company, and Iraq Jobs Platform).
The exhibition also included presenting projects for university students, ten projects for students of the fourth stage of the College of Business Informatics, four projects from the College of Engineering, and a report and experience from students of the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics).
The exhibition was presented this year by default on the Zoom platform, in conjunction with the exceptional health conditions because of Corona pandemic.