In the Name of Allah the Merciful

My sister’s, brothers professors, my sons the students of our university, in the day of education and learning which comes in 24/1/2021 I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the great and loyal role in education,learning, knowledge, and your endless generous giving for our students. In this day, allover the world recognize your remarkable role in electronic education in this hard times of COVID-19, the anniversary in this year have distinct flavor, we memorise this event while we are crossing very critical period, we are bearing great responsibility to continue our holy mission inspite of the pandemic of COVID-19 and terror which are heavily affected the economy and whole life activities which reflected on the society psychology and behavior. I suppose you agree with me that the Science and Technology is the only one way to continue our mission to upgrade our homeland and go together to the future. We would like to confirm that Iraqi MOHESR urges the competitive among Iraqi universities to make remarkable education programs targeting the Iraqi markets needs using the most advanced technolog to upgrade the universities education programs and curriculums and Labs. By coordinating the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with education programs of Iraqi universities and making benefits of international expertise.

Our university had been ruggedly and intensively used the most advanced technologies of electronic education and at the same time keeping in touch with applying the rules that keep the quality of education. It also made number training courses and symposiums for its staff and the staff of other organizations to prove it’s great role as active member in our society. The UOITC as university dedicated in the feild of information technology supported the federal government in its nationwide development programs and also supported MOHESR itself by providing both of them by training courses and software systems. Finally his excelancy urged the university staff and Employees to continue their fruitful cooperation and production to superiorly serving and pushing forward our country in this and the following years.He also called for making this year, the most successful and distinctive year in progress and glory.