The Women’s Empowerment Division at the University of Information Technology and Communications celebrated International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.
The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, congratulated the University’s teaching staff and female and male students on this happy occasion, in he said that we must focus on transferring knowledge and scientific and practical experience to our students and colleagues, and as for the academic aspect, we must give the equivalent of five to ten minutes to direct and instruct students on ways to achieve success and focus to take lessons from successful experiences, Al-Bakri also pointed out the necessity of a close relationship between the teacher, as a mother and elder sister, with the University students.
For her part, Dr. Asma Abdul Hussein, head of the Women’s Empowerment Division at the University, in her speech congratulated all Iraqi women, the International and Iraqi Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, in which she has proven over the decades her steadfastness and strength despite all the problems and crises that have passed through our country, as the woman is considered a support to the man, as she is the mother, wife, sister, and daughter.
It is worth noting the confirmation of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in the decision to include women in the success of the government program under the slogan (Women are partners in achieving sustainable development), which emphasizes the necessity of involving women in all aspects of life, which falls within the fifth goal (gender equality) to achieve sustainable development that established by the United Nations.
The celebration also included presentations, films, and songs related to the occasion, as well as words and poems that sang of the love of the mother and the Iraqi woman, and flowers were presented to all female employees, and also a group of female University employees and teachers were honored with certificates of appreciation for their excellence in the accomplishment of their work.