The University of Information Technology and Communications Businesses Information College held a seminar about the E-Gate and Moodle program. The Dean Dr. Safaa Aubaisy Mahdy, the teaching staff and the students of the college attended the seminar.
The main subject of the seminar was a brief description of the E-Gate, its importance and suggestions on how to develop and improve it.
The E-Gate is considered as a web application that is used for collecting information and providing different services which enables users to access and search information they need. Also, it provides e-mail services. Users can get this application through any device that contains a browser. This application can manage all services in one program.
It is well known that the Scientific Information Center – Electronic Projects department of the UOITC University has designed and applied the E-Gate application especially for the Studies and planning and follow up office of the ministry of higher education and research. This application enables candidates to fill the application form of preliminary studies, morning and evening, as well as privet and equivalent studies. In addition to all its previous services, the E-Gate contains several channels: gifted channel, direct applying and teaching staff sons. Finally it provides the possibilities of editing candidacy.On the other side, the seminar discussed Moodle program which has been used by Businesses Informatics College. In order to support the educational aspects for students and lecturers. IT is a complement to the ordinary educational aspects. Moodle program is employed as an e-learning tool to enhance and support live classes. It can provide video lectures for users who have user login and password. This program is administrated by one admin who can manage the system determines courses units and gives authorities. Lecturers also can determine courses units. Students can use this application for learning purposes.