The head of Registration and Students Affairs department, Mohamed Qasim has gained an appreciation certificate for his efforts in the Committee of the Curricula Development of the Police College. The certificate was presented by the senior agent of the Ministry of Interior affairs “Mr. Aqeel Mahmoud Al-Khazali”.

Dr. Mohammed Qassem, a lecturer at the Faculty of Business Informatics, received this certificate due to his efforts in the membership of the Higher Committee for the Development and Modernization of the curricula of the Police College and the Higher Institute for Security Development and Administrative in the Ministry of Interior. The committee formed by an elite of professors and academics. The committee takes a significant part to modernize the curricula with information and modern knowledge in all disciplines. The committee aims to develop the system of teaching and training of human cadres, officers, and members of the Ministry’s headquarters and the Higher Institute of Police College Academy.
For his part, Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, The President of UoITC, appreciated the scientific effort and the active participation of Dr. Mohammad Qasim Al-Furaiji in the work of the Committee by granting him a letter of thanks and appreciation.
The higher committee for the Development and Modernization of Curricula has been formed a year ago. It has made many scientific changes to the curricula that were followed in the past in order to use advanced educational curricula and information technology and electronic programs that serve the security in the country.