The participation of a researcher from the University of Information Technology at the Scientific Conference of Science and Engineering at the University of Diyala

Laith Sabah Al-Zubaidi from the Information Technology Center at the University of Information and Communication Technology participated in the third scientific conference of science and engineering at the University of Diyala under the auspices of IEEE.

The research by the assistant teacher Laith Sabah came under the title

“An Efficient Data Packet Scheduling Scheme for Internet of Things Networks”

it consumed less power and maximize throughput.

It saves up to 56% power consumption and 62.50% in network throughput.

In addition, it minimizes the packets delay and loss, transmission distance and thus extends the lifetime of the network.

The collaboration of researchers from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manchester (Manchester Metropolitan


Prof. Dr. Rupak Kharel, Dr.Laith Farhan and Mohammed Abdul Salam, is the joint participation of researcher Laith Sabah . this cooperation aims to increase the scientific probity of the University through joint research with the relevant media universities.