UOITC Discusses the System of Educational Courses

The Presidency of the University of Information Technology and Communications held a meeting to discuss the syllabus in the presence of the Rector’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs and a group of university students. During the meeting, which was chaired by Dr. Jean Jalil Astefan, the university president’s assistant for scientific affairs, Dr. Abdul Hussein Ghanem Sakhi, the chairman of the advisory council of the minister’s office and the advisor in the Undersecretary’s office for scientific affairs, hosted the seminar to highlight the educational system. Annual, quarterly, and courseware) with a comprehensive and integrated system characterized by the most flexible and comprehensive coverage of topics. This system provides the student with the freedom to choose the topics he wishes to take to meet his wishes and personal needs with the existence of a supervisory body to help the student to achieve what he aspires to when he obtain the certificate and specialization. The number of hours and courses varies between students according to the type of subjects. The meeting reviewed the mechanisms proposed by the Presidency of the University for the purpose of actual implementation of the system in coordination with the Ministry, including determining the number of units required, rephrasing the units of the courses, knowing the mechanism of calculating the units of study, determining the cumulative average, preparing a system of registration of students and able to meet the requirements of the course system, the minimum number of students, modification of the repetition mechanism in the Turkic rate, as well as a mechanism for training teaching staff and knowledge and knowledge of the mechanism of teaching and other mechanisms proposed. The course system adopted by many international universities, such as the Singapore syllabus, which is based on a system of units that combines the rigor and depth of the British university system with the flexibility and broadness of the American system that is expected to be applied at the University of Information Technology and Communications and some Iraqi universities as an initial start. Other Universities. The aim of this meeting, which will be followed by the establishment of seminars and workshops, comes in response to the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its focus on the importance of replacing the current system with a new system based on linking goals and learning outcomes in a flexible educational way that gives the student academic freedom in determining the type of learning he wishes.