The University President Sponsors a Breakfast Banquet for the Dormitory Students

In the presence and patronage of the President of the University of Information Technology and Communications, Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, a breakfast was held for the students in the dormitories accompanied by a group of university professors. The university assistant dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Head of Information Technology Engineering Department and a number of employees joined the breakfast too.

This good initiative expressed the sense of parental responsibility towards the students in this holy month.
The university president urged the students to persevere in their academic life, especially as the final exams approached, and asked the faculty to provide the students with the support and needs they need.
For their part, the students appreciated the initiative of the university president and professors to set up the banquet.
It is worth mentioning that the university organizes this initiative annually in the holy month of Ramadan in an effort to create a spirit of cooperation and social solidarity between its students.