The University of Information Technology and Communications organized an electronic workshop entitled “How to use modern electronic platforms, their types, programs and tools”
This workshop comes within the framework of a project for training and developing the cadres of state institutions, which was presented by the Dean of the College of Biomedical Informatics (Asst. Prof. Dr. Intisar Shedid Chlaib) and the Director of the Department of Internal Departments Affairs (Eng. Ali Nafie Youssef) over a period of three days.
The workshop aims to convey the theoretical and applied concept in the use of participatory tools and applications to achieve electronic transformation in work by relying on the Internet and cloud computing to obtain services that provide work speed and reduce effort and cost.
The workshop dealt with the topic of electronic platforms, programs and tools supporting digital and electronic transformation.
The workshop was divided into three axes: explaining the concept of electronic platforms and their types, simultaneous video communication programs, and supporting programs and tools, especially Google Workspace.