The Faculty of Business Informatics at the University of Information and Communication Technology organized a seminar on narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and their impact on the individual and society.

The seminar was presented by Colonel Ahmed Safaa Baqer from the General Directorate of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Affairs at the Ministry of Interior and Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Nagham Hamed, which dealt with the definition of the importance of the subject and the target group and reviewed a number of types of drugs prevalent.

While Colonel Ahmed touched on the definition more broadly on the types of drugs, whether natural or mixed, and the negative effects of drug abuse and its effects on humans and their health in particular, as well as their effects on society in general, citing some cases.

The symposium explained that the problem of drugs and its spread leads to the spread of crime because of its negative effects on the psychological state of the addicted person. It is also one of the biggest problems facing countries and targets young people in societies and many countries strive to fight and reduce them through laws and legal legislation because of their damages and negatives on the health, social, economic and security aspects of any society.